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Inbound Den offers internet marketing solutions for conscious businesses including Social Media, WordPress and Hubspot platforms, and Search Engine Optimization.

Meet our team of experts:

Denis Soukhanov Founder of Inbound Den

Denis Soukhanov – Founder and Inbound Marketing Strategist

For a long time I wanted  to help businesses that need it the most, businesses that try to help others, businesses that are created and run by people with huge and wonderful hearts.

In 2011 we finally made it happen.

In the past 7 years I have developed a set of skills and expertise in the arena of Inbound Marketing.  Inbound Marketing includes not only Internet Marketing but Social Media, Usability, Web Development, Blogging and Search Engine Optimization. I have worked in the Educational Technology and Wellness fields and was able to built very successful campaigns that generated solid results in very short periods of time.

I have carefully built a team of experts that posses the necessary skills to promote conscious businesses as well as beautiful hearts that come through in everything they do. We are marketers, writers, experts, and most importantly conscious beings that thrive to do good.


Lina Gonzalez Founder of Inbound Den

Lina Gonzalez –  Account Manager, Blogger and Social Media Strategist

Lina brings a wealth of Social Media and Professional Development expertise to Inbound Den.  For the past 14 years Lina has helped clients in the IT and Education field to come to their full potential. Her savvy skills in Social Media and Support fields are perfect for any industry. In short, she’s a Social Super Star.

Lina is also a yoga teacher, community leader, and blogger.


Lauren Grossberg – Content Manager

Thriving in the fast pace of the blogosphere Lauren manages more than a dozen blogs on a daily basis with a lighting speed. She makes sure all blogs are ready to go by the time they hit the web. Her background in advertising and communications from the University of Florida help her in the social media and marketing areas as well. She enjoys traveling, shopping, ethnic food, running and keeping up on the latest celebrity gossip.

Marissa Cohen – Content Writer

Marissa Cohen has tons of experience blogging about everything from eco-friendly travel tips and LGBT issues to grammar and spirituality. Currently, her work can be seen in Chemistry.com’s official blog, in a monthly column in She Magazine, and in many, many fine blogs, including her own website, HappyGanesh.com. In 2003, she received the Letters Honorarium from some lovely people in the Fort Lauderdale branch of the National League of American Pen Women, and in 2011, the Poet Laureate of Florida called her creative work “powerful, both intellectually and emotionally.” When she’s not tweeting about grammar or geeking out over the blog culture, she’s reading everything and ignoring the Kardashians.


Nuria Almeida – Content Writer

Being a contributing blogger for Inbound Den clients merges Nuria’s love of writing, culture and art with her fascination with South Florida.  As a homeschooling mom, she has ample excuse to visit the many wonderful places the southern part of this state has to offer.   With her two kids tagging along for the educational opportunities and sometimes her trusty dog Angel, Nuria is able to experience first hand a lot of the locations and events she writes about from a local perspective.

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