I recently read an article about blogging first thing in the morning. (Yes, you can grab a cup of coffee and a big stretch first!). I thought it sounded like a great idea as I wrote this post one morning!

Are You a Morning Blogger?

Wake Up and Write!

Most people have their morning routines. Get up, coffee, read the paper, etc. Why not throw blogging into that routine? As the time passes our routines become more and more natural to us. This is an easy way to sneak your writing into your mornings. If you are one who may forget to post that day or find you have no time to do so, adding it into your morning routine will ensure it gets done for the day!

Freshen Up!

Although you may be a little groggy or confused upon waking up, your mind is fresh. Starting your day with writing can help practice your skills and warm up your mind for the rest of the day. Personally, I like waking up early to start my day, especially with a lot of items on my to-do list. Getting my thoughts out on a blog is just one way to clear my mind and start my day!

Distraction Free the Way to Be

Another bonus about waking up early to blog? Less distractions! Since most of your social media sites will have less activity first thing in the morning, you will be less inclined to visit them, distracting you from your work!

A well rested mind can help you and your blogging skills. Is there anything else that helps you relax before writing?


By Lauren Grossberg

Photo By  JohnCurtis