Staying relevant in your blog can sometimes be a difficult task. Current events, news stories and the latest trends in technology are just a few of some of the many topics you can blog about. If you are not on top of the latest in these areas and don’t keep up, your stories and blog posts can become outdated and irrelevant, causing loss of trust from your readers.

Basic Blog Topics - Part 1

You may feel like you have blogged about every topic under the sun. The good news is that there are some basic blog topics that prove to be successful blog topics time and time again. I will discuss some of these topics in part 1 of this blog.


Something that is used by almost all of us everyday is money. Whether you want to discuss how to save it, how to spend it or even little known facts about money, this is a topic that almost everyone may be interested in. You can get creative and think how money can be related to your blog theme or topic, however obscure it may be, there is probably a way you can combine the two in a blog.


People who own pets have a special connection with these animals. Oftentimes, people treat pets as their own children. With that being said, they will do anything for them. This means that people love to read about pets, other people’s pets, see videos, pictures, etc. Try to use this topic as a way to get your pet-loving audience involved!


Just like technology, fashion trends are hard to keep up with sometimes. Because it is constantly changing, there are constantly new ideas and topics that this gives you to blog about. You can cater to men, women, teens, etc. You can find something new each day in this topic. See how it can be related to your blog. Being the first to present an idea to your audience also lets them know that you are on top!

Stay tuned for more blog topics!

By Lauren Grossberg

Photo By Constance Wiebrands