We’ve covered the basics of blogging in several posts and to keep it all together for you, we’ve created a checklist that you can keep handy when writing you blog posts.

Blog Post Check List for Conscious BusinessesBlog Post Checklist Download (pdf)

Click on the picture above to download the checklist to get started blogging for your conscious business blog.

Summary of Blogging Basics

  • Titles: use key words and make it interesting for people to read
  • URL name: the URL should be the title of your post. In WordPress, you are able to choose how your URLs are labeled. Choose the posts name so that your article can be found online
  • Images:  always include an image and add a key word in the “alt”  field. This will help your post be found online
  • Content:
    • Videos: quick, easy, and short are best. Don’t plan too much, be spontaneous
    • Body of blogs: between 200 and 400 words and include headings to separate content. Keep it short and interesting!
    • Be honest and share your own stories! This isn’t a term paper!
  • Key Words: Use long-tail keywords that can help your business be found. For example, instead of “eco-hotel” use “eco-hotel in Fort Lauderdale Florida”
  • Links: include no more than 3 links in each post. I prefer to link to internal pages too that will allow readers to continue reading other related topics
  • Tags: ensure to tag your post to at least 3 to 5 tags. In WordPress, the tags will be located at the right side of your screen on the post editor page. These will allow your readers to see what your blog is about and the different topics you cover
  • Comments: allow people to comment, don’t lock for approval
  • Share in social media: post and allow sharing to Twitter, Facebook, and more. If using WordPress, there are several plugins to make it easier for your audience to share
  • Meta description: write a short description of the blog and include a few key words. If you are using WordPress, your meta field will be at the end of your post editor page. WordPress has tons of plugins for meta and other SEO tools.


By Lina Gonzalez

Image by Inbound Den