Are You Sure About That?

Old School

Do you remember the days of handwritten essays in elementary school? Writing your thoughts out on paper and turning it in, hoping for that perfect “A”? I remember just like it was yesterday. My teachers would always make us reread our work before turning it in. This important lesson has stuck with me even to this day. Rereading your blog post to ensure that there are no errors is the simplest and most effective ways to spot and correct errors.

Again and Again

Blogging, just like any other form of writing, should always be proofread. There is nothing worse than reading an article or post that has spelling errors, grammatical errors or incorrect punctuation in it. Not only is it incorrect, but it makes your readers a little unsure of the post they are reading. Would you trust information that comes from a post that has improper spelling or grammar? I would definitely think twice about what I was reading.

Another Point of View

Proofreading your own work is a great start, but even better is letting someone else read it. Sometimes what you think sounds great in your head or on the computer screen, may sound confusing to others. If you have someone near you who is willing to read your posts, let them read it before posting. They may offer some suggestions for you to use or give their opinion on what they think of your work.

Just Do It

It may take an extra ten minutes, but proofreading your work is well worth it! Look for any spelling mistakes, simple punctuation errors or any grammatical corrections you need to make before hitting “publish”. The extra effort will only help you and your blog in the long run!


By Lauren Grossberg

Photo By sj_sanders