Now that you have been blogging for a while, you be have linked up your blog with other forms of social media. For example, Twitter and Facebook are two of the most popular forms that bloggers use. It is an excellent way to link up your users, follow new ones or gain a new following. Just as word of mouth is a powerful tool in business models, sharing on social media networks works just as well in the blogging world.

Blogging and Beyond

Linked Up

In a recent study, Dan Zarrella took information from more than 1.3 million Facebook posts on the top 10,000 pages. These posts were analyzed to determine what similar characteristics they had that gave them more likes, comments and shares. The post type that seems to work the best are photos. This is an important factor to consider. I have already talked about the importance of adding photos to blog posts. If your blog is linked up to Facebook, that’s double the exposure of your blog/picture resulting in more chances for sharing!

Featured Factors

As far as post length, results seemed to vary, too. Posts that were either very long or very short seemed to have more likes. This means you might want to consider posting an entire blog post or maybe just a short summary of one. Those that are longer also seemed to have more shares, a big incentive for most bloggers. This is an easy and free way to have your blog posts passed around.

Other factors also were noticed. More shares and likes were seen in the later hours of the day, around 6-8 pm and these occurred on Saturdays and Sundays as opposed to the weekdays.

These are just a few of the many results that were founded in this survey. You should always experiment to see what works best with your blog. Try different styles, posts, lengths, topics, etc etc. Find what works and stick with it!

By Lauren Grossberg

Photo By FindYourSearch