Blogs serve a variety of reasons. Whether it is to entertain, to inform or instruct, people are coming to read what you have written and learn something they may or may not have known.

Although there are so many different benefits of blogs, most people look to these sources for one main reason: finding and sharing information.

An Eye for DesignKeep it Together

Because the information is what is really important here, the theme and layout of the blog must be carefully designed. A platform such as WordPress  comes with installed themes that are ready to use. You can select from colors, designs and themes.

When choosing the look of your blog, make sure it relates to the subject matter. If your blog is about raw food eating and recipes, you may look for a clean and crisp theme with bold colors and a clean look. Many times you are able to customize the theme, choosing your own background or images to run along the sides of the blog. In the case of the raw food blog, you may be able to upload some of your original pictures of your “Raw Nachos”or Veggie Burgers.

Color Your World

Colors can be bright, but not too distracting. Try different color combinations until you find the perfect one. Don’t go overboard or you may turn the audience off. Keep this in mind with font choices, too. Classic fonts and colors work well. If you go too far off, it may be hard to read and then your blog will be, too!

Be Original!

If you have a custom designed logo, don’t be afraid to use it. Same goes for images. White space is nothing to be feared. Some of the greatest blogs are the simplest. Keep in mind that your blog should represent you or your company so keep that in mind with all aspects of your theme!


By Lauren Grossberg

Photo By drewgeraets