Once you get into the swing of things, you will probably become comfortable with your blogging routine. You know how long it will take you to write a post, what style you are going to use, how many blogs per week you are going to release and how your audience will most likely perceive it. Although this routine may be easy for you to manage, it may become just that to your audience, routine.

Another Check Off the List

Summed Up

There are so many different types of blog posts you can make. The most popular are short lists or bullet points. A popular reason people read blogs is to gain important information, oftentimes quickly. When there is a list or bullet points, the audience can easily follow along, picking up main ideas and important facts that should be noted. This is a simple way for the audience to get important information from your blog without having to read every last word.

Number Magic

Another way to categorize or list items is to do so with a number. “7 Ways to Spruce Up Your Garden for Summer Time” is more appealing to a reader than just “How to Clean Up Your Garden.” Numbers allow people to look for those items you are going to talk about, scan them, and remember them in an easier way. It also lets them know how much information you can provide to them about the topic.

If you are going to make a list be sure to include your most important points. Remind your audience what they should take away from reading your post by giving them the best of the best.

By Lauren Grossberg

Photo By IvanWalsh.com