As a blogger, you may have to learn to be bold at times. Whether that means approaching a risky topic or getting some research on an untouched area, you can’t be afraid to go for it! When you go the extra mile, people take notice. Blog posts that are unexpected are what keep your audience coming back for more.

Ask Your Audience

Act on Your Audience

Your audience serves more purpose than just reading your blog posts. Of course, they come to see what you have to say and occasionally leave their comments or thoughts. Bloggers who are so busy or have so many comments may not get the chance to respond to these comments, but you should make some effort to do so.

Ask and You Shall Receive

Instead of giving the audience all of what you think, flip the scene. Ask them questions or encourage them to leave comments or questions of their own. Use words like “your turn” to encourage them to feel welcome to leave their thoughts. An open platform can make for the best topics, advice, tips, etc.

Get Creative

If you don’t want to go right out and ask questions, there are some things you can do to strike creativity of the audience. Leaving a funny or inspirational quote can motivate them to act on their thoughts. Pose a scenario or ask a hypothetical question. Be creative and so will your audience!

By Lauren Grossberg

Photo By Gustavo Pimenta