When you are the sole writer of your blog, it may be hard to imagine giving up the blogging responsibilities to anyone other than yourself. Although it may seem that you are the only one who can give your audience what they want, it may be a good idea to let someone guest blog for you.

Be My Guest

Variety = Good

You may get many of your loyal readers and subscribers based solely on the fact that they love your style and writing. But, after a while of reading your blogging style, change could be a nice surprise for many readers. It may break up any repetitiveness or predictability. Different styles, tone and authors almost always provide for that element of surprise.

Expert Advice

Although you may be an expert in your area of blogging, there are probably a good handful of other experts that would be willing to write a guest post for your blog. I have seen this done with many health and fitness blogs, for example. If you have a healthy cooking blog, try finding experts who are willing to blog and share their original and unique recipes. If you are blogging about fitness, try finding a trainer who uses new techniques with their clients they are willing to share with all of your audience, too!

Let Your Readers Be Heard

You may find that some of your blog’s biggest fans are also experts. As I have already discussed, staying in touch with them is an important part of having a good relationship. Asking if audience members are willing to blog for you is a great way to get them involved and excited about the blog.

Remember to keep some basic guidelines and requirements before accepting guest blog posts. You can always have them reworked or edited if they do not meet your personal standards.


By Lauren Grossberg

Photo By Chapendra