Blogs can be the perfect platform for reading stories, learning new information or sharing with others. From learning new tips to keep your new bike in mint condition, to recipes for making the perfect vegetarian lasagna, some blogs can contain a lot of information.

Calling You Now!

Did You Get That?

Although your blog may explain the information in great detail, use examples and provide real life situations, your audience may still have some lingering questions or thoughts. What should you do about it?

Having a call to action is extremely important in a case like this. It is something simple, yet often times overlooked by many bloggers. I have read many blogs that have ended quite abruptly, leaving many readers, including myself, without any clue as to what to do next.

Strut Your Stuff!

The end of the blog is a great spot to advertise what you have to offer! Some ideas for things you can put here would be offering a chance to sign up for a mailing list or subscribing to the blog, leave comments, buy products or share this post with someone else who may find it interesting, too. There are many widgets and add-ons that you can find that will easily link your other social media pages like Facebook and Twitter, to your blog.

There is Always Room for a Call to Action

Whether it is a simple line asking readers to share or links they can pick and choose from, add it in! Asking never hurts, and if your readers are enjoying it, they are most likely more than willing to share!

By Lauren Grossberg

Photo By Chapendra