Just as moving into a new neighborhood surrounds you with a brand new group of people, so does starting a blog. The blogging community is just like any other community. There are the active users, the ones you will see posting and commenting on many blogs. The highly respected users, whom many people subscribe to, follow and try to follow examples of. There are also the newbies, which may be you. You may have just recently started blogging, may not be as comfortable in the blog-o-sphere and want to meet some people to help show you the ropes. All it takes is a simple “hello”.

 Hi, My Name Is...

The Popular Crowd

There is usually a reason why some bloggers are more popular than others. It could be their witty blogs, their humor or informative posts. It could also be a combination of the three! You can easily research to find out who the most popular bloggers in your area of interest are. Following what they do is important. You can take smart notes, see how they interact with their users and find out what makes them so special. By leaving a comment or emailing them directly, you can probably get some feedback from them, too. Successful users are usually willing to help out and give advice to those who are just starting out because they were probably in your shoes not too long ago.

Actively Blogging

There are also a ton of subscribers to blogs who may not blog themselves, but know the “who is who” in the blogging world. You may see the same users in bloggers’ comment areas, Q&A or other discussions with the audience. These users, although may not be bloggers themselves, can be your guide to the cream of the crop. Because they are so active in the blogging world, they know what is worth their time. You can interact with these people to find out what they are reading, what is new or what is up-and-coming.

It’s a Win-Win

There is no harm done with interacting with these users. You never know who you can meet, who can help you out and most importantly, what you can learn!


By Lauren Grossberg

Photo By GabeB