When people look to blogs, they often times look for advice, tips, information or other helpful pointers. It may involve a how-to guide for making your workplace green or recipes for vegetarian side dishes. Whatever the case may be, people are looking for some type of answer to their questions or interests.

Keeping It Real

It Happened To Me

Personal experience is an amazing way to share stories or information. Story telling makes things more fascinating. What better way for someone to learn about some topic than to hear it on a first hand account from you, the blogger. Only you can describe an event in such detail and recount important pieces to a story. Become a story teller and share your words with your readers.

Pass it On

Even if you are not an expert on a certain topic, you may know someone who is. Story telling has been used by our ancestors for thousands and thousands of years. Sharing information that you may have learned from family, friends, or loved ones is another effective way to connect with your audience. You may be living with someone who has had a health scare. Even though it was not affecting you, you may have learned tips on caring for this person that you can share with people who may be in similar situations.

Research Rules

Research on any topic is important. Providing sources of your facts or information provides some evidence and reassurance to the readers that what you are telling them is true and trusted. Whether it is a magazine, online encyclopedia or thesis paper, let the audience know where the information came from and where you got it.

People look to others who are similar to themselves. If your blog can describe a situation or event which is occurring in their lives, they are intrigued. Connecting with people on this emotional level is a great way to form a relationship.


By Lauren Grossberg

Photo By michitux