The Weekly Wrap Up

When Do You Blog?

Blogs vary in many different areas, including publication. Some bloggers blog every day, oftentimes multiple times in that one day. For others, 1-3 times a week may be sufficient, while some will take to the blogging scene just once a month.

Sum It Up

Although many blogs provide a steady stream of information, it is OK to steer away from this pattern every once in a while. Providing new information on a daily or weekly basis can be difficult at times. One way to conquer this challenge is to do a wrap up of your most recent blogs. Wrapping up the information you have can provide for a blog post in its own.

The Best of the Best

If you have a lot of posts in the beginning of the week, but not as many towards the end, it may be a good idea to summarize the articles. This lets your audience catch up with what you have been blogging about and also may fill them in on any posts or information they may have missed. Summarizing different posts into one post on its own is also a great way for themed or specific blogs. For example, I have seen this done on a cooking blog. They made a post on simple vegetarian dishes which was a collection of some of their most popular recipes. This is an easy way to use material you already have and turn it into something new!

Bringing It Home

Recycling is good for the environment, so don’t be afraid to do the same with your blog every once in a while. This is a new way to expose some of your older posts to someone who may have just started subscribing to your blog, or a way to refresh your loyal readers with some posts they may have forgotten about. Any way you do it, keep it short and sweet to let your audience know what your best stuff is!

By Lauren Grossberg

Photo By Bill Liao