By now you have probably gotten into a routine with your blog. You most likely have a Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts. It is a great start to have these accounts and be using them, but there are even more ways you can utilize them to your advantage.

Time to Socialize

Be Seen

What’s great about all these social media accounts is that they can act like advertising for your business/page/website, etc. You can display them on the homepage of your blog. There are many widgets and other tools that make it easy to install them in a clean and organized way. Many bloggers choose to display these buttons at the top or bottom of their blogs. There are even varieties you can choose from of different images, colors, styles, etc. When these buttons are in place, readers of your blog can easily identify you on other social media networks and connect with you there.

Traffic Jam

StumbleUpon is a website known as the “recommendation engine”. Users can click through pages which their friends have recommended themselves. This is a great place to submit your own blog posts into the system. Sharing is a great way to let your friends and friends of friends read them, too. Once you get a following on here, you can see better traffic to your blog. Pinterest is also a great way to share. Most users share pictures of things they want or have. You can use them to pin your best photos into boards that relate to your blog’s theme. Because of the ease of sharing or “re-pinning” your contributions could end up in a lot of places.

Say Your Name!

Wherever you are posting, sharing, commenting, whatever, share your blog name! Link back to posts or sites and share share share! After all, that is the main point of these social media sites!

By Lauren Grossberg

Photo By the tartanpodcast