A good blog title can make an impression, just like an actual in-person introduction can. First impressions are important in any case. Making sure your blog has a good title can help you catch your readers from the get-go.

What's In a Name

Eye-Catching Blog Titles

When you read a blog post, the first thing you should notice is the title of that post. Does it catch your eye? Does it peak your interest? Does it make you think “hmm I wonder what the rest of this post is all about…?”

If it is a good title, it should do one, if not all, of those things.

Can Titles Be Fun?

Since the title is the first thing we see as a reader, it has to do the job right from the start. If I was looking for an article about the top 5 local places to eat in my area, I could probably find many articles consisting of the same lists and the same information. If I came across a blog titled “5 Local Restaurants in Ft. Lauderdale” I might read it. If I saw one titled “The Top 5 Choices To Chow Down” chances are I would go with that article. Not only does it peak my interest, but it uses fun words and exciting language.

Keyword is Key

Another tip to keep in mind is using keywords. Think of what the audience would be looking for when they search for posts like yours. If it involves dog trainers, for example, using both or one of these words in your title will most likely results in more clicks. Lists are often a popular way to title blog posts, for example, the “Top 10 Ways to Find a Job.”

Short But Sweet

Have fun when titling your blog post, but remember to keep it succinct. We are all busy and no one wants to read a blog when the title is longer than the actual post!


By Lauren Grossberg