Just like many other hobbies, you can turn your passion of blogging into a job. That’s right, you can earn income from doing the thing you love most! Many companies are looking for skilled writers who can provide insightful information for their company and clients to read. If you are looking to take blogging a little more serious and find a job in it, here are some helpful tips that you can take to pursue your career.

Blogging For a Living

The Highs and Lows

Companies may hire you are a freelance blogger. Depending on their guidelines and requirements, the pay can vary greatly. Some blogs can earn you only a few dollars per post, where others may pay you per word. You should always ask for some set guidelines. Do they want you to provide photography? Is there a word limit? If there are, you should come into the job knowing what is expected and if it is worth your time.

Blogging Within Your Community

Many companies looking for bloggers do not post an ad on job hunting sites. Since a lot of these companies and businesses work with people around the communities, they often have social networking events or other opportunities where you can go and meet with professionals. Becoming contacts with different types of businesses (restaurants, retail stores, etc.) who usually do not hire writers but would like to put a spin on their marketing is key. If you get even one blogging job from a local business owner, they can refer you to others and on and on.

What You Write

Guest posts are an obvious way to get your name out there in the blogging world. When blogging for a specific business, it is important to always target your writing. Research and know what the company you are blogging for does, who their current and target market is and what kind of people will be reading your words. You may have to alter your writing style for their blogs.

Above and Beyond

You can also offer more than just your posts. By providing content management, you can be in charge of the whole blog, replying to comments, maintaining the site, etc. This puts you at an advantage, offering more to the clients and also earning more income from your work.

Do you blog for a living? How did you find your job? Share with us your story!

By Lauren Grossberg

Photo By jimgrant