Many bloggers are excellent writers. They know how to draw the audience in with words. They can be funny, clever, informative all at the same time. Does this mean that all bloggers have to go to school for English or writing? Or take courses in it? Not necessarily…

Not So Major?

The Power Tools

Microsoft Word has some very handy tools that can help out any writer. Spell check is the most important. Make sure there are no spelling errors for credibility reasons! The thesaurus can help you select different words to use if you aren’t so good with your vocabulary. I always like to use the print preview so I can see how the piece looks and reread it. Proofreading is key! When all else fails, having someone read your work always is a great backup plan. Getting outsiders’ perspectives can shed some light on your work.

Cultural Concerns

Keep in mind there may be readers from different cultures or countries reading your blogs. What may be appropriate in one is not always in the other. The language or references you use might need to be re-thought from time to time depending on your audience. You will learn from your audience as they and your blog grow.

Widen Your Horizons

Reading other blogs or websites can give you an idea of the different styles of blogging. Learn how other bloggers connect with their audience. You can take different styles of writing and combine them into the perfect one for you. Practice makes perfect, so don’t give up!


By Lauren Grossberg

Photo By kcolwell