Wish you could sometimes enter a blogging only zone? A place free of distractions, worries or any other unnecessary noise? Although a place like this may not exist in reality, you can create your own little zone to help you blog your best.

Blogging Only Zone

Preventing interruptions is a crucial point in any work environment. Here are some ways that you can do it for yourself.

Be Comfortable

Figure out where you work best. At a desk? Lounging outside? Invest in a good chair, desk, hammock, whatever it is that helps you relax and focus on the task at hand. If it’s one thing that you should take care of, it should be your body. Nothing adds to a loud room or distracting phone than a cramped neck or back pain!

Shut Down From the World (Not Permanently!)

If you are sitting at your computer all day, it is very tempting to browse social networks, see who is online or instant message your friends and family. For the purpose of writing a blog, you may be best off without all of these distractions. Try shutting down these systems for an hour or so, or at least while you are drafting your blog. Without these programs running, you have less distractions and more reason to focus. Gadgets like iPods, iPads and cell phones may also be the culprit here!

Recognize the Patterns

Is the same person constantly emailing you everyday around 9:00 am? Are the people you work with calling you during your lunch break all the time? Look for patterns like this, then plan around it. You can try setting a time aside for phone calls. You can dedicate the first hour of your day to catching up on emails. Whatever you decide, stick with it, make it a part of your routine, and hopefully these distractions will no longer be.

Your blog should represent the best of your writing skills. Distraction free should be the way to go. Recognize what they are, plan for them and focus in on your blog or task at hand!

By Lauren Grossberg

Photo By Deman