In the social media world, there are so many ways to brand yourself and your business. Facebook and Twitter are two of the most popular sites that people use to do just that. In the more recent years, Instagram and Pinterest have both become increasingly popular. Both everyday people and big businesses use these sites to gain followers and build their brands. If you are looking to do the same, you should learn about what each consists of so you can decide which one, if not both, you should use.

Branding Yourself - Instagram Vs. Pinterest


Pinterest is one of the world’s fastest growing websites. Think of this site as a digital corkboard. You can create your own boards. On these boards you “pin” different items to them. So, it can be a picture, recipe, video, etc. Users often use these boards as inspiration for their own lives. What’s great about this site is that you don’t need to sign up for an account to view the boards, so you are able to search pretty much anything. You should consider using Pinterest if your business has pictures or videos that show off your product. Users can very easily find and link back to your website this way. You can also use your pins to drive any important, videos, pictures, etc that you have released, just as you would with any other site.


What started as a simple mobile app, Instagram is home to many huge brands. It is like a twitter, but with pictures. Users upload photos and are able to write captions. You can use hashtags just like you do in Twitter to find others with similar posts. If you have great photoshoots or images of your products, Instagram is the place to be. You can offer special deals to users who follow you and “like” your posts. Re-posting is also a way to spread one’s information and market. The ability to like an upload gives you immediate feedback from your audience. You can also use Instagram to tell a story of your brand. How items are developing, and what they result into.

Instagram Vs. Pinterest

Both sites offer visual information to its users, rather than text. It has often been studied that people respond better to visual information. This is key when trying to interact with your customers and potential customers. By visually telling them what you have to offer, they don’t have to read about it or research, they can see it! And after all, seeing is believing!

By Lauren Grossberg

Photo By tyle_r