Pin It

If you haven’t heard of Pinterest yet, then you may be missing a big opportunity to brand your blog or company. Pinterest is a virtual pinboard. You can organize your ideas, thoughts, inspirations and anything else that you may find on the Internet. Most people look to Pinterest to gather ideas for weddings, events, decorating their homes and cooking. But, there are many more opportunities you may not be aware of.

Building Your Blog With Pinterest

Be Inspired

Pinterest allows you to browse other people’s pinboards. This is inspiration enough on its own! You can get ideas for your blog by looking at pictures, ideas, etc. Some pictures which I like to look at are ones with instructions or directions. These are sort of like infographics – explaining step by step how do a certain task. These can help you create ideas, or even inspire you to create one of your own.

Connecting With Others

Pinterest is just like any other social media site, in that it connects people with similar interests. So, by posting photos of some original pictures or images from blog posts, you can link back and connect to your blog. It serves as a visual and easy way to share and connect with others.

You can also do research through the site. Many companies have their own accounts. You can see how competitors or people who are just like you are up to. You can create boards that show off your skills, awards or other achievements you may have. A fun idea may be to take a short blog post or quote from your blog and turn it into a graphic. This is a great way to visually share your words!

By Lauren Grossberg

Photo By Thomas Hawk