So, you have decided to hire a blogger (or two). Great! Now you may be thinking, “how do I go about choosing one?” Just as with any other aspect of a company, you should have a plan before you begin or take any action. You should know by now that having a blog is a great way to attract readers to your website, and eventually your business. Are there other goals you have in mind? Think about these before you select your bloggers.

Choosing a Blogger

Proven Track Record?

Where did you hear about this blogger? Have you seen their work? Have you read their blogs? Has someone recommended them? These are very important questions to ask yourself as you are selecting potential bloggers. If they have blogged for other blogs before, check out the traffic on those sites. If they seem to be a popular site, the blogger most likely is a great writer who can attract and maintain a solid audience. If the blog looks empty or does not contain much in general, you may want to keep looking.


Someone may be a great writer, but is there something specifically that they are experts in? If your blog is very specific, for example, a raw foods cooking blog, you may want to dig a little deeper to find someone who is an expert in that field. Experts usually have knowledge that most people don’t. With this vital information, your blog will stand out from all the others that are similar. Having an expert makes your blog unique and can take it to the top!


Many public bloggers are easy to find. So is their work, along with other people and companies who have worked with them. If you research their past work, you can see the types of people or businesses they have worked with. You can discover how their relationship was. You may be able to even contact the people and ask them for a reference or their experience with that particular blogger.

When in doubt, check it out! Research your blogger and potential bloggers until you are comfortable enough with their work. Once you find the right one, success is around the corner!

By Lauren Grossberg

Photo By xdmag