From the many blog posts I have written on blogging, you have probably noticed that I have placed an emphasis on commenting. Not only own your own blog, but commenting on other blogs can be very beneficial to you and your company. Leaving opinions and feedback can be simple, but there are a few things you may want to keep in mind when doing so.

Commenting with a Purpose

Speak Your Mind

Of course, expressing yourself is what the comment section is for, but you should also do so with taste. If you don’t agree with a blog post, don’t just say that, explain why. No two people are going to always be on the same page, so this is your chance to show them another side or perspective. If you can, relating your viewpoint back to your blog and your posts is a good way to gain readers. If those who are reading that blog where you commented like what you have to say, they are most likely going to check out your blog to see more.

Link with a Purpose

Links are an easy and successful way to get readers of another blog to come and check out yours. But, you should do so with caution. Using too many links or having it not related to any topic that is being talked about can come across as spammy and not look good for you. For example, if someone has a posting about a recipe that is similar to one you have on your own blog, entice readers to check it out. Using the “if you like this then you will like this” method can help you attract the readers you want, and give those readers exactly what they are interested in.

Stay Relevant

You can’t just go around and leave the same comment on several blogs. Subscribe to some of your favorites and keep up with their posts. You will not only see the trends and success of others, but by commenting you will also stay relevant, making a name and a place for yourself. Working hard to make a name for yourself will pay off in the end when those readers know exactly who you are!

By Lauren Grossberg

Photo By TheJonnyisGeek