As a blogger, whether you are using your own identity, or an anonymous one, there is a sense of freedom in your writing. Many people can express their emotions and feelings better on paper or the computer than they may be able to in real life. Not only as a blogger, but readers may also relate and interact with your blog post or story more if they see it online than if they were to be spoken to. Between comments, discussion boards and other feedback, an emotional connection is something to try to include in your writing. Here are some tips on how to do so.

Connecting with Your Readers on an Emotional Level

Building Relationships

Even though you should focus on writing great content and providing great information for your readers, building a relationship with them should also be important. Take a look at your writing. It is humanized? Can the average person relate to your words in some way, shape or form? Many of us are naturally looking for something we can relate to and find a deeper meaning for. With advances in technology and the effect it may have on personal relationships, having something that feels personal can be comforting and important for many of your readers.

Share Your Passion

Most great companies and businesses started with a vision. People love to learn about what drives you to do the things you do in life. Showing this passion through writing not only gets your audience interested, but it allows them to trust you, as you are truly passionate for the things you are writing about. Ideas, which may not always seem logical to everyone, are the driving force behind passionate companies. Allowing your audience in on this personal journey connects you to them on that emotional level.

Story Time

The most personal things you can share with your audience is probably a story of your own. Over time, no matter how much technological advances are being introduced, the art of storytelling seems to remain. People love to hear and learn from others experiences. It is what connects us as humans, being able to relate and grow throughout life. Even though you may be reluctant at first to share your story, you may feel a sense of accomplishment after you have done so. Your story may be the thing that helps someone else through a similar situation.

With the thousands of blogs and websites, you want to make sure you stand out in a crowd, and for good reason. People want to be inspired. Emotionally connecting with them can do just that. This is how we learn and grow and share experiences with others. Get personal with your audience and find that connection with them.

By Lauren Grossberg