As with most businesses and brands, social media is super important. Almost every brand is also on Facebook. Having a Facebook page is a big part of staying in the know, but did you know that you can use Facebook ads to further your reach? Besides updating your page followers with status updates, photos and other information that you can get them through your page, the ads can help you do much more.

Facebook Ads for Your Business?
Targeting Your Main Market

A great feature of the Facebook ads is that you can target exactly who you want. For example, if you wanted to reach a set of professional lawyers, college students or any other type of group that best represents your target market, you can do just that. You can target by location, based in part on your profile data and the IP address of your computer. You can usually expand the targeting to include surrounding areas of 10, 25, and 50 miles, allowing you to zone in on certain regions. Just like in your blogs, you want to target certain people.

Shared Interests

Facebook is a great way to see what people are interested in and what they talk about, research and discuss with their peers. Between the listed television shows, music, hobbies, etc, this is another way to target the right people for your brand. Keywords Facebook users are using help them target your ads to certain audiences.

Buying the Ads

You can monitor your ad campaigns. Whether you are using a cost-per-click option or cost-per-impression, you should test your ads, monitor the activity and see which option works best. You should have set goals, numbers and costs laid out before you get started. If advertising is costing you a lot but not producing results you want, you may need to rethink this option.

The Ads

The ads should be clear and concise – yet clever. You want to grab the user’s attention in the ad, just as you would with a blog or on your website. If your brand needs a boost, you should consider Facebook advertising. You can target who you want, get the results you want and make sure it is whats best for you and your brand.

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By Lauren Grossberg

Photo By Search Influence