It happens to the best of writers. Sometimes, you can’t help but feel a little stuck. You may not know what to say, or even how to say what you want. If you are pressed for time, you may want to consider making use of filler content. Filler content usually refers to any content you write to fill in the gaps on your blog. These posts may not always have the most practical or share-worthy information, but they do make a presence on your page.

Filling in the Content Gap

Content is Still King

Even though the content in your blog is what drives your readers, if you are low on content, it may not be worth your reader’s time to visit it. Whether you may realize it or not, some of the biggest blogs post filler content, just to have a continuous flow of information streaming. If you plan and post in a smart and clever way, your readers may not even be able to tell.

Revisiting the Past

If you have a larger archive of blog posts, you may be able to re-visit some. You can give updates on stories or articles you have written. You can summarize many that are similar and provide a whole new article about that. You can also make lists. Lists are great because they are usually easy to write and are easy to read. Quick bullet points or notes don’t take much of your reader’s time but can provide them with a good chunk of information.

Over Time

As the popularity of your blog grows, you want to keep up the high quality articles, but you also may want to use filler content sporadically. You can have some posts just for fun or highlighting something that is important to you. As long as the filler content doesn’t fill your whole blog, keep in mind that quality is still the most important factor!

By Lauren Grossberg

Photo By ahans