If I haven’t scared you off with the title of this blog, that means you want to read on and learn about engaging yourself with your audience.  Your brand, business or company may have a lot of followers, but are they listening to what you have to say? Being engaged with them not only brings  you closer to that following, but gives them the ability to trust you and your  opinions.

Get Engaged! (With Your Audience)

Back and Forth

If you have an active blog, most likely there are comments on your posts. Responding to comments, whether it be an answer to a question, a follow up with more information, or even a simple “thank you for checking out our blog” can go a long way. Being active lets the audience know that you are not only listening to them, but that you care.


Who doesn’t like free swag? Giveaways are a great way to up readership and interest in your blog. By using a giveaway, you can engage the audience and capture their interest. You can use the giveaway to your advantage by asking for questions, comments, or follows in exchange for a chance for that freebie.

Tweet Your Heart Out

Twitter is definitely one of the top and most effective ways to engage your audience. The majority of your audience will have a Twitter account and if they follow your blog, they probably follow you on Twitter, too. By interacting here, your audience can easily share your information to their followers, spreading the word like wildfire! The same concept goes for Facebook. Comments and responses to your fans are a great way to keep in touch, hear their opinions and learn from them!

Honesty – The Best Policy

All in all, the importance of being engaged cannot be stressed enough. Stay connected and involved with your audience. After all, they are there because they like you! Not everyone will have positive things to say about your company or product, but by giving feedback and your honest opinions, you can build a long-lasting relationship that will help you and your blog succeed!

By Lauren Grossberg

Photo By premasagar