One major theme that many bloggers write about is a problem. It can be one they are currently encountering, one their friends or family members had or even one that has not been solved yet, but they would like to take a stab at! Whatever the problem is, blogging about it, whether it is with one single post or a series dedicated to it, can help you and your readers come closer to a solution.

Got a Problem? Blog it!

What’s Your Problem?

Most companies and businesses are started to solve problems. Once those problems are solved, business flows and money can be made. You should keep this thought in mind when you are problem-solving in your blog. Try to find something that has been puzzling you. How can you work to figure it out? Blogging through the process can show your audience exactly how you got to your solution. If you are already an established business, it can be a nice way to show your story to readers and customers on just how you go to where you are today.

Past Problems

Many companies have started with a simple problem and turned it into a world renown company (YouTube!). If you can’t think of a problem of your own, you can use your blog to inspire others to. These huge companies like YouTube and Apple all started with a problem and worked towards the solution. Featuring some or more companies like these can inspire your blog and others!

Turning Problems into Solutions

There are many questions you can ask yourself while blogging through the problem solving process. “Is there some website or company I’d love to use but isn’t in existence?” “What is the drawback(s) of a product or company I currently use? How can I improve on it?” There are so many more questions you can ask to get your motors running.

Keep the thoughts flowing and the words coming! Blog your problems away!

By Lauren Grossberg

Photo By joguldi