In the previous post (Guest Blogging Basics: Quality Not Quantity), I talked about some helpful things to keep in mind when you are guest blogging. This may apply to you if you are having someone write for your own blog, or if you are writing for someone else.

Guest Blogging Basics Part 2

Time is Money

Just like the saying implies, you cannot expect results overnight. Even if you have a fantastic blog post written for your blog that attracts thousands of readers to your blog, it does not mean that your blog will immediately become the most successful one by the morning. If you have a great guest post, try to follow it up with another, or a similar post to keep your readers engaged. Remember, it is your blog, so you set the bar for yourself. Over time, if you keep that pace up, you should see a positive change for your blog. Don’t give up and you will see the results you set out for!

Guest Blogs and Marketing

Even though guest blogging is just using someone else’s post on a different blog, this simple technique is still a part of marketing, so you must do it right. Guest blogs on its own will not produce nearly as much results as by relating it to your content and website. All posts should relate to each other, and in turn, to your blog. Link within your posts and link to your own content. Link key words or topics to get readers to stay within your website and blog. By having them read your own content, they are more apt to be comfortable with your business, your company and your blog!

Big Blogs are Best?

Although big blogs are a great chance for your posts to get read and seen by many more people than with little blogs, there are usually more prerequisites and requirements that you must follow. In addition, it may take a longer time for your blog to actually be published and approved. Writing for smaller blogs usually gives you a faster turnaround time for publishing. You may be able to publish and write more blogs. The time you spend writing one post for a larger blog may be equivalent to more high quality blogs for others!

No matter what you take from these posts on guest blogging, remember to always have a strategy. Know what you want, have a plan, and go for it!

By Lauren Grossberg

Photo By oooh.oooh