In Part 1 of this series, I discussed some simple, yet effective ways that you can improve your blogging skills. You want to stand out from the crowd, and doing these simple things can help you achieve that. Here are some more tips!

Improving Your Blogging With These Basics - Part 2

Take Risks

I’m not talking about jumping out of a plane, (although that would make for an interesting blog post!) but take a risk in your writing. Most people will respect the integrity this takes, and even may challenge you on your point of view. Also, try to pick a topic that means something to you and not just for the sake of writing something controversial. When you discuss the things that you are passionate about, it will show in your writing. Writing with that fire will make your posts stand out, and that is something people will want to share across different mediums.

Find Your Niche

Although you should stand out in the crowd, there is also part of your writing that should fit into a certain niche, or category. If your blog is about vegetarian recipes then that should be your niche. Having it in “food” is too broad and general for your audience to really see what your writing is about. By having a more specific  niche, you have a better chance of making yourself known than if you were to do so in a larger category. Having the more narrow focus will also allow you to give your audience higher quality writing.

What You Leave With

Remember that saying “always leave them wanting more” the next time you are finishing up with your blog. You really do want to accomplish this, making the audience always curious for what will be next from you. Leave them with an inspirational quote, a thought-provoking question, anything that will leave them wanting more from you and your blog!

Not everyone can have a hit blog every time. Try these tips or think of your own way to stand out from the rest!

By Lauren Grossberg

Photo By ~C4Chaos