Even with a great blog with 1 million subscribers, there is always room for improvement. It is important to stay on top of your game, always looking for ways to better yourself, your blog and the advice or information you offer to your audience. Sometimes you may post a story that gets little to no action. Have you ever wondered why it didn’t do well but others did? Here are some questions to think about the next time this happens to you.

 Improving Your Blog Posts - Part 1

Is there a main topic to this post?

Having one topic to focus on allows your readers to really concentrate on what you are telling them and what points you are trying to drive home. If there are several main topics, it can become confusing. Too much information can get lost and readers may forget what the main point of the post is. Sub headings and points are always great, but keep in mind they should all support the bigger picture.

How will this help my reader or improve their lives?

Since this is your blog, you are pretty much allowed to post anything that is on your mind or concerns you. But, you are writing for an audience, too. Have you ever sat back and thought about what they want? If you are providing information to them, you can format it in different ways. From “how-to’s” to tutorials or videos, you can show them how to do something to better their lives. Even if the post is promoting a product or service of some type, you can ask your audience questions, do a review or provide some personal information to show how it affected you, and can do the same for them.

These are two important questions to keep in mind while writing blog posts. You should keep these in mind before, during and after you are writing your posts. Stay tuned for more questions to help you improve your blog!

By Lauren Grossberg

Photo By Horia Varlan