Facebook, as most people know, is one of the most popular websites out there. Not only that, it is a very powerful social media tool that you can use to increase traffic and business for your websites. With so many Facebook users, it is no wonder how this is possible. If you are not using Facebook to increase your blog’s traffic, follow some of these suggestions to do it today!

Increasing Blog Traffic with Facebook

Fill Out Your Profile Completely

With most informational sites, you want to give visitors the most information possible. Facebook makes this so easy with their profile pages. It will ask you for name, address, business information, etc. It will display it in a professional manner so that users can see what you have to offer and what your business is all about. The more you give, the more they will know. Use the profile wisely to display your expertise. Show an award your company has earned. Upload pictures of the office giving back through community service. Share with the users so that they know any and all that you do, and will want to look for more.

Make the Right Friends

Once you get the ball rolling on your Facebook page, traffic will build. Whether it is personal friends you know, or colleagues, you can build your fan count. The more people that see your Facebook page, the more are likely to visit your blog or website. Word of mouth the one of the best ways people find out about businesses and Facebook makes this such an easy task. The more positive feedback you get from your fans, the more people are likely to also check out your page and in turn, your blog.

Be Active

The Facebook page is a very interactive tool for a reason. People use it to interact with other users, share information and gain information. The more you utilize this, the better your outcome may be. If you have people interacting on your page, this is a good sign. They are interested in what your business has to offer and this will usually mean they are looking for more information. Having the Facebook page link to your blog or company website is a simple way to get traffic to both.

Be Human

Just because you are speaking through a website or page, doesn’t mean you need to use terms that only a computer would understand. Use lingo or terms that your audience does. Share stories or pictures that they would find interesting or want to share. When you speak genuinely and use your brand’s voice, you are more likely to connect with the audience. Connecting with them ups the chances they will speak highly of your page, your website and your brand!

The more you post and link to your website or blog, the more traffic you may get. Remember to be consistent and timely with your posts and be careful not to share too much! When you share what your audience wants to see, they will be more likely to come back for more!

By Lauren Grossberg

Photo By Lester Public Library