A blog without traffic does not do much for the owner. Sure, you love writing your posts and asking questions, but if there is no traffic, who is going to read it? There are many clever ways to increase the traffic to your site. Whether you want to attract new visitors or simply provide your current readers with a fresh look, here are some tips and ideas that you can use to get more traffic to your blog.

Increasing Your Blog Traffic Part 1

A Way With Words

There are many tweaks and little changes you can make that would make a big difference. Look at your blog name and really think about it. Is it attracting the right people? Do you have a tagline? This is one of the first things your readers will see upon visiting your blog. The headlines of your posts also do the same thing. Make sure they give off the right impression. Ask a friend what they think about the way you word things. Having an outside perspective can help you see things you would not have before.

All About You

Besides the home page, many people will first go and check out your about me page. You need to let your readers know who you are, why you write this blog and why they should be reading it. You can tell about your experiences with a particular topic, or why you have a passion for any subject. This is also a good spot to put contact information. A picture showing readers who you are helps them connect with a face. You can also put a brief version of this on your homepage side bar. This gives first time visitors a glance at who you are or what they are going to expect from this blog.

Stuff for the Sidebar

First time readers might just want to glance at your blog’s home page, and nothing else. The side bar is a great place to put important information that can grab attention fast. This is a common place to put the most popular blog posts, showcasing your best for new visitors. Also place social media icons here. This is where they can connect with you on other media forms and see how you connect and interact with your readers.

There are many more ways to increase traffic to your blog. Stay tuned for more!

By Lauren Grossberg

Photo By PhoenixREGuy