In my last blog post, I talked about a few ideas that you can try out to help increase traffic to your blog. Those included working on your wording in your titles, posts, etc, making sure your bio and about me sections are informational and entertaining and that your sidebar has useful data. Here are some more tips you can try to increase the traffic even more.

Increasing Your Blog Traffic Part 2

Designer’s Eye

The overall layout of your blog may be nice, clean and showcase your best work. Whether it be images, original photography or other graphics, the layout should reflect the blog as a whole. Even though you may have amazing photography, showing it all off at once can be distracting and may even turn first time visitors away from your site. Having a clutter-free to design is key. There are many plug-ins or ready-to-use themes that you can use to easily simplify and improve your look and feel. Taking the time to improve all areas is worth it.

Sign Up Right Here

A great tip is to have a email signup for users at the very top of your blog. This not only makes it super easy for readers to contact you, but it lets them know that you are eager to be connected to them. You can also put a subscription form at the end of each blog post, reminding them to sign up there, too.

Screen Friendly

Your blog should not only be reader friendly, but should be screen friendly, too. You can do this by using short paragraphs, subheadings, bulleted lists, images and screen shots. These factors make it easy for a reader to scan your site, looking for what they want. Please the reader and you will have done your job!

By Lauren Grossberg

Photo By robinhamman