In my last post, I talked about some important things you can do to upgrade your blog and writing. Remembering the important question of “would I read my own blog?” I have some more tips to help you answer that question.

Is Your Blog Up To Your Own Standards? Part 2

Visual Variety

There are plenty of things you can do to spice up your blog, visually. This does not necessarily mean in the design itself. Although pictures, layouts and other graphic do help attract an audience, so does the writing. Text can be intimidating. Columns after columns and rows after rows of words are not always the best approach to grabbing someone’s attention. Paragraphs that are short and sweet are usually the best route to take. Breaking them up with subheadings or pictures makes your blog seem inviting, not intimidating. The last thing you want your blog to do is scare your audience away!

Enough is Enough

Blogs are meant to be read. But, they don’t have to be books. Having a long and extensive blog post may have your audience feel like they are reading for school, and not for their own pleasure or enjoyment. Keep your writing short and simple. If your posts drag on and on, you may find yourself losing your audience. Although these thoughts and sentences may flow in your head when you first draft the post, think about your audience and how much they would want to read.

Ending Exits

When all is said in your blog that is left to be said, end it! Having a funny, or catchy ending to a post leaves your audience with a good feeling about your blog. It often prompts them to want to come back and see what you have in store for them next!

By Lauren Grossberg

Photo By Rd. Vortex