Measuring results every three to six months is an important part of the Inbound Marketing process. Knowing that your campaigns is bringing results is key because that will determine is what your team is doing is working. Use these guidelines as a checklist to review and measure your progress.
Measure your Results - Inbound Marketing Basics

Count the People

Determine how many of followers in Twitter and Facebook, blog subscribers, and link backs to you site you have. It helps to have a count of these numbers before you get started so that you can measure your progress a few months later.

Website Pages

Review the number of pages indexed by Google, the more pages with relevant content the more long tail keywords your site will hit when someone searches in Google for it. Use a sitemap generator to help you know the number of pages. Here is one sitemap generator that we recommend to download.


Leads are always the goal of any campaign. Check the number of leads for an increase or decrease compared to before you got started with your campaign. That will help you see if there was any progress in getting people to your site and buying your products or services.
Google Analytics are important to have in your site so that you can see the statistics provided to help you evaluate your campaigns and see if anything needs adjusting. You can set up goals to help you compare lead statistics by date.

Sales Reports

Analyze your sales statistics for improvement in number of sales. If you are using any sales software, it should give you reports on your products and services sold before and after so you can see the improvements by your campaigns.

By Lina Gonzalez

Photo by manop