Last week I told you a few things to keep in mind in regards to creating a page that will convert visitors into customers. You can’t guarantee that every one person will become a customer but you can do a few things to make those chances more likely. Here are a few more tips to try to do just that.

Selling With Your Site - Part 2

Stay Humble

Even if you are the best of the best in your field, there is no need to brag about it, If you act like you know everything, it could turn people off. Just by showcasing your skills, work, testimonials, etc your clients and potential clients will see for themselves. Staying humble and being open to ideas shows that you are willing to work with people and hear their opinions and ideas. Showing your expertise through your work and feedback of others will show your confidence and humbleness, attracting more loyal customers.

Be Clear

You can make a list for days of all the things you do and offer to your customers. It can be ten pages long, but if it is not clear, there is no point. You must always be clear when you are discussing your benefits. Focusing on benefits and not features will help you form an emotional connection with your audience. Tell your audience not only what they will get by working with you, but what good it will do for them. It will help them build that connection, see the benefits and know they are making the right decision by moving forward with you and your company.

Guarantee It

The more customers you have, the harder it may be to stay in touch or contact with them. Offering a guarantee to customers is a way to build that trust if you can’t do it in person. People want to see proof that you believe in yourself and your business, which will help them do the same. Guarantees show them that you will go far to make sure that they are happy and stay that way as your customer.

Keep these tips in mind and help turn those potentials into real customers!

By Lauren Grossberg

Photo By justingaynor