White Hat SEO

The only way to really be aligned with your mission and vision!

What is SEO, and why White-Hat?

You read about it everywhere. People have told you your business needs it. The calls and emails for SEO keep coming in, yet you don’t know what it means. SEO is Search Engine Optimization, a way for your business to get found online in an organic way, meaning not paid. White-Hat SEO is refers to the right way to do SEO so that your business doesn’t get penalized by Google or other search engines and to ensure not getting blacklisted and thrown out of the web!


SEO for Conscious Businesses

As a conscious business owner, you are already providing your community with something good. Don’t get blacklisted because you didn’t know there is a right and wrong way to do SEO. We can help you getting started with the correct way to get found online!


How We can Help You

We have studied the latest SEO trends that Google released (enter year) so that your business can be found and get listed without choosing spamy ways that will eventually hurt your business more than help you. We have worked with  many conscious businesses such as eco-hotels, meditation products, life coach products, inspirational products, spiritual centers, yoga teachers, healing specialists, massage therapists, conscious food industry, children education products, and more; so we know the right words to help you get listed and found in the most common used search engines.



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