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What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free and open source platform for websites and a content management system (CMS) that uses PHP and MySQL. More than 23% of the top ten million websites use WordPress.  WordPress allows you to use free plugins and other tools to that are easy to implement for your business. When we refer to WordPress, we are not referring to the free blogging platform that can be used for blogging on the WP website. WordPress can be installed in your current hosting server and be customized for your conscious business.

Why We Choose WordPress

We use WordPress as our main platform for website design because it allows your business to publish content on the fly without having to hire a webmaster, from any computer anywhere in the world!

It allows our clients to feel empowered because it requires no previous knowledge of programming languages so that once our job is done, they can  continue to maintain it and update it on their own!

The “behind the scenes” code that runs WordPress allows for an easy SEO integration which then facilitates your business being found online by tons of potential clients.

Another benefit of using WordPress is that it allows your business website to grow at the same time your business grows without having to spend enormous amounts of money on the design and expansion of a new site.

WordPress allows multiple users, so you can empower your employees to update the content without always having to find you to post new content on your site.

WordPress works with a large community of developers that create plugins that can be easily integrated in your site to help you offer more to your clients, including online stores, calendar of events, and much more!

WordPress includes a blog platform in its design and therefore there if no need to spend extra for a blog customization when using WordPress!

These are just a few of the benefits of choosing WordPress for your conscious business. Call us today for  a quote!

Custom Web Design for Your Conscious Business

WordPress is easy to customize to match your logo, color scheme of your business. We will provide with options on themes and plugins that will improve your online presence.


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With WordPress, I’m able to maintain my own site, have a modern looking site without having to invest a large sum for design.