Podcasts are a simple form of media that can be obtained in audio or visual form. Usually, they are set up so that people can subscribe to them. Podcasts can be used for a variety of reasons. You can send out important information, audio on-the-go or or special episodes that only those who subscribe can have access to. If you are starting a blog or branding your business, you may want to think about creating a podcast. Here’s what to keep in mind in you plan on doing so.

Should I Podcast?


As you decide what you want to deliver, you have to think about how you are going to do so, too. Are you going to answer people’s questions? Will there be a set intro and ending to all episodes? What are you going to discuss? These are the top things that you will have to think about when starting out. Keeping your audience engaged is important, even with podcasts. You can keep them active by answering their phone calls, emails, tweets, etc. Having contests or involving them in a fun way also gets them engaged.

Content King

If you have a basic idea of what the podcast will be about, you can work out the details. How long will it be? Will they all be the same length? Who are you talking to? Knowing your audience is important, so you should be able to determine if they want to hear quick bursts of information or would rather listen to a longer, in-depth episode. Just like your blog, your podcasts should be catered towards your target market and their wants and needs.

Audio Extras

If you are planning on using music and sounds in your podcasts, be sure to check for any copyrights or trademarks. There are many sites you can check out that include safe and legal audio to use. If you are musically talented on your own, then make your own audio to use! Nothing sets you apart from others than with some unique sounds. Again, this is another place for you to shine, so adding your own take on things makes you stand out in the crowd.

Take a Listen

After completing a podcast, ask yourself this one question “Would I listen to it?” If your answer is yes, then great, release it to your audience! If you don’t think you would be completely sold on it, go back and edit. Practice makes perfect and once it’s ready, you’ll know!

By Lauren Grossberg

Photo By notfrancois