No one likes someone who brags a lot. Whether it be about a new car, the latest clothes or trends, sometimes enough is enough!

In the blogging world, bloggers work hard to gain readers, followers, admirers and fans of their work. Once a blog gains enough attention, it may be grouped into different categories, entered into contests or featured on bigger and well known blogs or websites. These recognitions should be bragged about, since it is something wonderful to have achieved!

Show Off In Your Blog

Featured Posts

Similar to a guest post, you can have a blog post featuring another writer’s article that talks about your blog. Whether it be a review or recognition, it is a great way to show your readers who else is reading the blog and the things they have to say about it. If you don’t want to feature the whole post, using an excerpt or quotes from it can work well, too.

Badges Earned

You don’t have to be a girl scout to earn badges! From attending conferences, to having your blog featured somewhere, to most importantly, winning awards, badges are usually given out. These are a great way to show off your skills without saying anything at all. You can usually just enter some code into your blog post or the blog itself and the badges will show up. These are great things to look out for when reading other people’s blogs, too.

If your blog is accomplished, let your readers know! Showing them you have what it takes to earn that credit will only get you further!

By Lauren Grossberg

Photo By Annie Mole