Blogs are great because you can cover a wide range of topics in many different posts. But, what if you are not writing about what your audience wants to read? You don’t want to turn them away because of disinterest. A great way to really know what your readers want, is to simply ask!

Survey Says - Blog!

You may want to try doing a survey if your blog is relatively new or if your readers do not seem engaged with it. Even if you aim for 100 responses and only receive half of that, what you do receive can be beneficial. Those few responses can be key in learning about your audience of readers.

Getting Information

Surveys are a quick and simple way to ask the readers what they want to read. This can be crucial to you as the blogger, giving you some insight as to what they really think. SurveyMonkey is an example of a site that makes it easy for you to create custom surveys for your website or blog. You can use different formats, for example, multiple choice to make it easy for them to pick a choice or open ended questions so they can really express what they are feeling.

A Common Theme

Once you get the results from your survey, you can examine them to see what the most popular answers were. Look to see if several readers answered similar responses. Was there an answer choice that almost everyone picked? Were there suggested topics that you had never even thought of? These will be your key points to work with, now that you know what the readers want!

Results into Action

If your survey results aren’t what you’d hoped for, try looking at some fellow bloggers who have popular blogs. See what their comments and suggestions are and try to incorporate that into your own writing. Mix common themes with original writing is one way to achieve success!

By Lauren Grossberg

Photo By thomcochrane