Many people are into the idea of paying it forward. In other words, doing good to others. In everyday life, it is always a nice gesture to perform good deeds. Whether it be helping someone carry a large box up a flight of stairs, or a simple “thank you” for someone’s help doing a service for you. The blogging world is no different than the real world in that aspect. It is always right to give a “thank you” when one is due!

Thank You For Blogging

Helping You Out

Have you ever had someone redesign your website? How about asking a friend to read over your blog posts before publishing them? These are just a few of many simple tasks that many people do as favors or to help a friend out. Many times, people will do these services free of charge, when in reality they should/could be paid for their time. If this is the case for you, you can credit these people in your blog. A simple line at the bottom of the page can credit the web designer. Each blog post can also link to the person who has edited it for you. A small note of credit or just a thank you to them is a nice way of paying them back for their work.

A More Detailed Approach

Many bloggers respond to all emails, questions, tweets, etc. that their readers ask of them. They don’t have to do this, but it is a way to show their dedication and appreciation for your loyalty to their blog. Sometimes people ask more in-depth questions, for example, recommendations on certain software to use, or instructions on how to use a program or other detailed processes. If you have asked this of someone and they have given you the answer you were looking for, it is a good idea to thank them. An email or letter to them is the best way to do so. If they have helped with a process you think others would benefit from, you can even do a recommendation for them or give them a tweet, featured post, etc.

Blog Swap

Guest posts are another great way for bloggers to exchange ideas and communication with others in similar fields to them. If you have received a guest post, or have done one for another blogger, an easy way to say thank you is to write one for them or have them write one for you. This way, you both get fair payments for each others work. Plus, everyone likes a guest blog post!

Thanking someone, in the real world, or in the blogging world, is always a good plan. Usually, everyone welcomes a “thank you” with open arms.

Can you think of someone to thank today? How would you say “thank you”?

By Lauren Grossberg

Photo By rogercarr