Names are important. We use them almost every day. We need them to identify people, places, events and many other important things. Just as crucial it is to name such things with careful thought, the same goes for your blog.

What's in a Name?

Catch Me If You Can

I can’t stress enough how important it is to catch the reader’s attention in all areas of your blog. The title is no exception. This is what drives readers back to your blog. It also is what catches the attention of new possible subscribers. If you are looking for a blog on raw cooking, would you click on one simply titled “Raw Cooking Recipes” or one “Raw Recipes for Rawk Stars?” The latter not only sounds more exciting, but uses a play on the word raw. There is a good chance the blog posts may follow this similar style, offering fun and exciting information for those looking.

The name of your blog can also help you build up credibility. People will remember your name, associate it with your awesome blog posts and pass it around to their friends and families with similar interests. You can use that name if you want to expand your blog or business into other areas of marketing.

Keep in Mind

Make sure the name reflects your topic somewhat. You don’t want to throw off your readers by misguiding them into thinking your blog is something it is not. Pick a style of writing and stick with it. A humorous name often leads to humorous posts, for example. Remember your audience. Would they understand the name you pick? Will they like it? After all, this is for them!

For the Future

Pick a name that will last. You don’t want to have to change your blog name every few months or years just to keep up with the time. A cool and classic name will stick with you and your readers for years to come!


By Lauren Grossberg

Photo By Sebastiaan ter Burg