What comes to your mind when you hear the words “celebrity blog?” Do you think about a blog about a famous person? One written about a famous person? These words can have different meanings. Celebrity blogs are some of the most popular ones on the Internet. I will take a look at some of the most popular celebrity blogs and give you an idea of what they have that makes them so hot.

Top Celebrity Blogs


Since many of these blogs have to do with gossip, they are popular reads for many people. They can earn the writers minimal amounts or they can earn some really big bucks. Some of the most popular on the list are PerezHilton and TMZ (or Ecorazzi), in  both celebrity gossip sites. What makes these sites popular is that they have the latest news, updating almost instantly as events around happen. People know that by visiting these sites, they will know the latest of reports. This constant update leaves people always coming back to the site for more.


Many of these sites making a killing off of advertisements. From popular fashion websites to movie and television commercials, anything that could be considered popular in the media can be advertised and profited from. What is great about these ads is that they correlate with the content on the blogs. Many of the celebrities are stars in these movies or shows, which also draws readers in to the blog.

Tying it Together

Celebrity blogs don’t just become popular overnight. If you have an interest in this area, take a look at some of these examples. Being constantly informative is key. There are many ties you can make from all different types of ads and partnerships. Stay relevant and current and you may one day end up on one of these lists!

By Lauren Grossberg

Photo By 만박