Everywhere you look in the world, you see brands. From TV advertisements, to billboards, to product placement, brands are prevalent all around. They can represent something as big as a leading soda company to as small as a local clothing shop. If you plan on growing your blog, you may want to think about branding it along the way. There are many ways that you can promote your website or blog like a brand. Here are some ways to do so.

Turn Your Blog into a Brand

Smaller companies, although not as big in size, may generate a lot of leads or traffic through sites and blogs. With this power, they are able to turn these sites into a brand. By generating traffic through comments, links, referrals, etc, you can be successful in building your brand. Audiences will recognize your comments, your thoughts and relate it back to your website or blog.

Promote Promote Promote

Having great content is perfect when trying to brand your blog. If you’ve got it, don’t let it just sit there. Promote the content through other social media sites. Tweet the latest news or ask a question on your brand’s Facebook page. Without overwhelming your audience, make sure you put calls to action at every chance you can get. You can also promote or leave comments in other websites or accounts who are in the similar market as you. This lets other people who are interested in a field, but maybe do not know about your brand to have a chance to find you.

Click to the Top

The more hits and clicks you get on your website or blog, the more popular it will become. When people are searching for some company or business that does a particular service, and your blog pops up in their search, they can look to your blog for answers they may need. Even if it is not a company, if you brand your blog right, they may relate the two, making them a brand of that field in the mind of the consumer.

Ideas like these can help you get started on creating your own “mini-brand” online.

By Lauren Grossberg

Photo By nicolasnova