Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites out there. It is a site that encompasses people from all over the world, of all different ages, races, etc. It is an easy to use site where you can follow your friends, businesses, celebrities and many other types of accounts.

Twitter Basics for Your Blog

Having a Twitter account for yourself, your company or brand is a smart move. It acts like the voice of your company. Through it, you can send tweets about anything and everything. Have a new product? Tweet about it. Want to run a contest for your blog? Advertise it on Twitter. Most of your blog subscribers and readers probably have a personal Twitter account of their own. If you follow them and they recognize you as a loyal blog or company, they can follow you back to stay in touch.

The Power of the RT

Re-Tweeting is one of the simplest, yet effective ways to use Twitter. If you see a Tweet, quote, or any update that you like, all you need to do it hit “Re-Tweet”. Re-Tweeting someone’s post will have the same post appear on your timeline. This is just another form of advertising. What better way to spread news or updates about your blog or company than by having your subscribers spread the news for you!

Start Spreading the News

No matter how you use Twitter, there will most likely be a chance for promotion or advertising for your blog. You can always look back to links to redirect users to your blog. Attaching parts of articles or summaries can draw readers into your blog, looking for more!

By Lauren Grossberg

Photo By JoshSemans