Names can tell a lot about people, places and things – including your blog! It is what many people will associate with you and your writing. To be sure that this is a good association that is easy for your reader to relate back to you, you must make sure the blog has a good name. Names can help you stand out in a crowd of thousands who are just like you. If you are a business, it can help brand your product or business in a market.

What's in a Name?

Keywords Can be Key

When someone is searching for something, they will often type a specific keyword into a search engine. If your blog title includes one of these popular keywords, it may have a better chance of reaching those interested readers. You can use domain search sites if you want to hone in on certain keywords or phrases you think your audience will be looking for.

Standing Out

If your blog title does not include popular keywords, or even if it does, adding something unique on top of that can help brand your blog. Some things to keep in mind here are that they should be short, unique, easy to pronounce and look how they spell. You want to have something different, but you want to make sure your audience knows what you are going for!

Combining Both

In my opinion, the best blog names combine the topic or related subject with a fun and unique twist to it. BuzzFeed is a popular website featuring some of the most social content on the web. From their blog name alone, you can tell that it features some of the hottest and newest (buzz) content, and that it is continuously updating with the latest (feed).

Whatever you choose for your blog, make sure it reflects you, your blog and what you represent. Don’t be afraid to get creative, but always keep in mind what your end goal is and what you are ultimately trying to get across to your readers.

By Lauren Grossberg

Photo By LaMenta3